Monday, August 07, 2006

Now the Witchdoctor is Praying!

Tonight at 6:00 (Eastern Time), I'll be continuing our evangelistic Bible study with Dona Nice, the Mãe de Santo (voodoo witchdoctor). On Saturday, I talked with her daughter Iara (one of our new believers), and she told me that 3 people had sought out her mother during the week to cast various spells for them. She refused to do the spells, but one request was for a little girl who was sick. In response, Dona Nice got out her Bible, opened it to Psalm 23, and said a prayer for the girl! I cannot emphasize how big of a thing this is, for someone who has only ever known witchcraft, to be praying to God instead of invoking the power of the African spirits (demons) and accepting payment for doing so.

Please continue to pray that God will draw her unto a true relationship with himself. Tonight, we will be talking about the baptism and temptation of Christ from the book of Matthew. Please pray that as we look at this text about Satan, that she will see the truly evil nature of what she is doing and be brought to repentance. Pray that She will be radically saved and that her entire extended family will give their lives to Christ. Pray that I will be filled with the Holy Spirit and that He will give me the words to say to answer her many questions. And keep praying that we'll be able to have that bonfire with all of the tools of her trade!

Saturday, we had sort of a disturbing instance. Simão and I walked out of his front door to find Dona Nice's youngest son Ne Ne (he's 6 years old) burying a cat he had killed in front of their house. In Umbanda (the African spiritist religion they follow), burying a dead cat in front of someone's house is a strong curse that brings 7 years of bad luck from 7 different evil spirits. It may have been him imitating something he has seen his mother do, it may have been not so innocent child's play, or something else. Given the above, I certainally don't think that his mother was behind any of it. At any rate, I had a chance to talk with Simão about God's protection, and we continue to trust that God will keep us all safe and secure in his mighty power.

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