Monday, August 14, 2006

"Building" Perseverance

They are banging - again. The apartment building two buildings over from us has been having problems with the brick facade on the building. More specifically, large pieces of facade have been falling off from 9 stories up and plummeting onto the ground below. This of course is not good, which is why they have taken over a year to do anything about it.

So, they finally got some workers to come fix the outside of the building. This involves two men with sledgehammers and chisels taking off the brick facade and the couple of inches of cement under it - by hand - on the whole building. No power tools, no fancy machinery, no cherry picker trucks - just two guys with scaffolding, ropes, chisels and hammers. They're building their own scaffolding up as they go, hauling it up with ropes. They've been at it for weeks. Bang, bang, bang, there goes a tiny chip - on a 9-10 story building. This will take a while. It's rather like Chinese water torture. The noise doesn't bother you at first, but after days, it starts to get to you. On the other hand, it has been fascinating to watch.

They are taking apart a building one tiny sliver at a time - and they just keep on plugging away for weeks and weeks until it gets done. It has been a lesson in perseverance. How many times have I gotten discouraged and wanted to quit in the last year? In the last ten years? How many times have I grumbled and complained because of lack of results? How many times have I thought "this church is never going to get off the ground!" The Brazilian hammer tourture has been a good reminder to me to be faithful, to persevere, and to trust that in God's timing, he will bring the results. Finally, the workers have finished one side of the building. Now they are starting on another. Let us all be faithful to run our respective races in their entireties - even when they are marathons!

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