Sunday, June 11, 2006

Praise and BIG Prayer Requests

Praise God with us! Last night, our church planting team had our first decision for Jesus Christ. Lina, a lady with whom we have been doing a Bible study for three weeks now in a seamstress shop in a slum prayed to receive Christ. It was a wonderful moment, and will serve as a great encouragement to our team.

However, it is also abundantly apparent that a major spiritual battle is being joined. I showed up to our house church worship service on Friday night to discover that Simão, the husband of the couple in whom's house we meet, had a ladder slide out from under him on Monday and fell, breaking his back. He was very nearly paralyzed and will be bedridden for a month and a half. Therefore, he will not only not be able to do evangelistic Bible studies, but also will probably loose his job as a security guard and his ability to feed his family. Please pray for Simão, that he will heal quickly and that he will not loose his job.


While all of this was happening, Lina's (the new believer as of last night) sister in law was being demon-possessed - I will not go into any details so as not to give Satan any press. Their father who is a spiritist medium came over and took the demon into himself, thereby gaining prestige in the eyes of the family. Lina was also spiritually attacked during the night. All of this happened on the very week that we saw that we were starting to make inroads into this family.

Our lesson last night "just happened" to spend a good bit of time on the power of Jesus over demons (we studied about Jesus sending the demons into the herd of pigs). Lina began to open up about everything that was happening and we shared extensively with her before she gave her life to Christ.

Two hours later, we shared the same lesson with the daughter of a voodoo witchdoctor. She started to open up about how she was raised in witchcraft and the effects that it had on her family. We also had a good opportunity to share with her about the power of Christ over evil spirits.

We are not intimidated or afraid because we know that Christ has all power and authority over Satan and his evil servants, and we know that we have been given this authority as well. However, we are also aware that we are dealing with major spiritual warfare issues. We ask for your prayers for our spiritual, physical, emotional and mental protection. We also ask that you would pray that God would give us his wisdom and power to deal appropriately with the issues, people, and spiritual beings involved.

The battle is joined -we need your prayers!

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