Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Meet our church planting team - Alexandre

Little by little, I want to introduce you to our church planting team.

This is Alexandre. He is originally from the city of Campinas, São Paulo (where we studied Portuguese when we first moved to Brazil). He works at a research facility where they identify the best materials to use in making shoes. Alexandre is married to Tatiane and has a four-year old son named Geovane.

He is thirty years old, and before moving to São Leopoldo, served as a church planter in the state of São Paulo. They attempted to start a church using a very traditional model, and after several years of frustration and disillusionment, left the ministry and moved to be close to Tatiane’s family.

About a year ago, Alexandre felt that God was calling him back into the ministry. Through his personal reading, God showed him that small groups can be an effective way of doing ministry. Not too long after that, God brought Alexandre into my life and we began to work together.

I have high hopes that Alexandre will one day soon be able to take the reins of the church plant in Vila Baum and allow me to go start work in another area. He has a great heart, but tends to be very quiet and shy –but with an absolutely hilarious laugh!

Please pray for Alexandre that:
1. He will be able to have the time to dedicate to the church plant (and that he will prioritize the church plant over other ministry opportunities!)
2. That he will grow in his abilities and confidence in ministry
3. That he and I will both know the best way to share leadership responsibilities in the early stages of the church plant.
4. That he will be able to take over the church plant and make it grow in a way that the tall American with the funny accent will never be able to!

Thank you for praying for Alexandre – both he and YOU are an important part of our team!

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