Monday, May 22, 2006

The Witchdoctor is asking for prayer!

Simão and Marta

Our house church is currently meeting in the home of Simão and Marta. Last week, the voodoo medium/witchdoctor who lives two doors down the street came by their house and asked them to pray for her teenage daughter who had just given birth. Needless to say, this sort of thing doesn't normally happen!

Marta went to visit the daughter and found that she is resentful of the baby and seems uninterested in receiving much in the way of help. A couple of days later, one of the witchdoctor's other daughters came by their house to hang out for a few hours. Marta gave her one of our Bible study booklets and asked her to look over it. On Saturday, we dropped by her house to ask if she would be interested in doing a seven-week Bible study with us. She said she would need to talk to her husband, but seemed fairly interested.

If this couple does a Bible study with us and gives their lives to Christ, it could open the door to her 10 brothers and sisters and her witchdoctor mother. We're planning on continuing to reach out to the girl with the new baby and to her sister.

* Please pray that God will open up the doors to reaching this incredibly lost family for Christ.

* Thank God for the openings that he has already given.

* Pray that the entire family will be saved and that we will be able to have a bonfire in front of their house to burn all of the idols and items associated with their practice of voodoo witchcraft and that this will serve as a tremendous testimony to the power of the gospel in the community.

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