Friday, May 12, 2006

Stay tuned to this bat channel....

Isn't it interesting how God does things so differently than we do?

We are working to start a movement of house churches in the city of São Leopoldo. Our time and energy has been totally focused in one small group of neighborhoods there. The other day, we scheduled an evangelistic Bible study with a couple there. But before the study started, they decided to move to a nearby city called Novo Hamburgo - but they say that they still want to do the study. The next day, I got a call from a Baptist missionary from Canada who is teaching a group of lay leaders in a church in Novo Hamburgo. He is leaving for furlough and he urgently needed someone to take over his group. In nine months of ministry here, I have never had any opportunity to do anything in Novo Hamburgo. In two days, I got two opportunities.

So, last night I went to visit the leadership training class. As we were sharing prayer requests , the lady across the table from me says that she and her husband (who are currently in a traditional church) are praying about starting a home group in their house in - guess where? São Leopoldo.

So, for some reason, all of a sudden, God has given me two ministry opportunities in Novo Hamburgo, which may have given me a contact for starting another house church in São Leopoldo. I wonder what God is doing....? Could it be that we will have an opportunity to start multiple house churches in São Leopoldo as well as one in Novo Hamburgo? It's going to be fun to see what He does! Will our intrepid heroes be able to climb to multiple church plants? Stay tuned at the same bat time, same bat blog, same bat blogger to see the exciting conclusion!
But first, a break from the cheesy old TV references for some prayer requests.
1. Please pray that we will be able to firm up times for the evangelistic Bible study in Novo Hamburgo and for three more studies in São Leopoldo where people have expressed interest but the studies have not yet been scheduled.

2. Please pray for the two studies that started this week and for the two that we will start tomorrow (Sat. 5/13) - that God will go before us and help us to be well received, will draw the participants to salvation, and that they will likewise evangelize others through the house churches that will be started.

3. Please pray that God will give us significant fruit and tremendous wisdom in this church planting ministry.

And don't forget to stay tuned for the exciting continuation of what God is doing in church planting in Greater Porto Alegre!


N'omi said...

Wow!! Wow!!! Yeah, God!!! Way to go, Holy Spirit!!! Thank you, Jesus!
Isn't it amazing what happens when we all start reeeeallly praying and bombarding the Throne of Grace for specific things?

Thanks for blogging actual details of what was happening...or, rather, what was not happening!!!

Love ya,

marcia said...

Way to go 'Jeffman'!!! We'll keep prayin', you keep goin' and God will keep winnin'! :-)

Love your blogs to keep us informed.

Take care, love to you and Cam and boys.