Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bible Study with the Witchdoctor's Daughter

Tonight, we'll start the first session in our 7 week Bible study with Iara, the daughter of the voodoo witchdoctor who lives 2 doors down from the house church. She lives in a slum with her boyfriend and her teenage daughter. Before the study, we will spend some time doing surveys to find people of peace in the slum who would like to study about the life of Christ with us.

Please pray that Iara, her daughter and her boyfriend will all give their lives to Christ and give us an entrance both into this incredibly lost family and into the neighborhoods in which they live.

Pray that God will continue to give us opportunities to do evangelistic studies with people, that they will be saved, and will grow and be discipled in multiple house churches that will then be able to reproduce themselves.

As you pray, please be aware of our schedule out in Vila Baum so that you can pray more specifically. (All times in USA Eastern Time)

(All of the Bible studies below are with "NOT YET believers")

6:00, Bible study with Junior, his wife and mother in law
6:30 (this week only) house church worship service
6:00, Bible study with Gelson
6:30 house church worship service at Simão and Marta's house
2:00 - Bible study with Arí
3:00 - Bible study with Lina e Lucio and her sister's family
4:00-6:00 - Door-to-door surveys to identify interested unbelievers
6:00 - Bible study with SuiLee and Fernando
7:00 - Bible study with Iara, her daughter and boyfriend


Anonymous said...


GuyMuse said...

I take exception to your UNbeliever Bible Studies: they are NOT YET believer Bible Studies, but will be soon! How exciting, Jeff. God's blessing upon you and all these not-yet believers you will be meeting with. May we all learn from your example!

Uncle Bill said...


How encouraging! Be faithful and persistent. Keep praying, planting, watering, tilling, cultivating, preaching and teaching God's word faithfully to Iara, her boyfriend, family, and others in the slum. I pray that the Holy Spirit will bring them to repentance and faith through your ministry!

Oh, and I assume you mean Eastern Daylight Time?

In Christ,

Jeff Dunson said...

Guy and Bill,

Let it not be said that I ignore the helpful advice in the comments section! If you'll both notice, I've made the appropriate changes - thanks to you both for your encouragement and your suggestions!